Monday, June 29, 2009

Pregnant Questions

Our regular teacher for class is in Kenya for the summer so until he gets back, some of the guys in our class are teaching through the book of James. Yesterday, we were going through James 1:27 - 2:13. Several things really stood out to me to make this an exceptional class. The fact that the presenter was working through it so visibly and honestly that he got choked up that he has to pause really touched me! We discussed the law and used a courtroom analogy to discuss our salvation. (A whole other post in itself but it is a better discussion than a blog.) He had us discuss two questions at our tables. They have been unspoken themes throughout our study of I John and have bled over into James. I would really like to hear what you would have said if you would have been sitting at my table. Here you go:

1. What does the 21st century American church look like?
2. What should the 21st century American church look like?

Please share.... :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Tomorrow is my last day of training for a month. HALLELUJAH! It has been a month of trainings that I can actually use and am looking forward to that. The past six days have been a crash course in strategies gears towards helping second language learners. We got the theory for the first two days and then the last four have been observing a class using these strategies and then writing a unit in the afternoon.

During our time in the classroom, we have been silent observers. We sit against the wall and watch the class of 17 1st - 3rd graders go through a unit. Today I was caught off guard by how easily it has been to get attached to a couple of these kids. At one point, it took everything I had not to go get a little girl from Pakistan and pull her onto my lap. Seriously adorable and so shy due to know having much English. I don't know when it happened. She and a couple of others are just SO sweet.

While I was thinking on this, I got to thinking over relationships in the past - friendships, crushes, mentors, etc. The same thing was true in several cases. I find myself attached to people rather quickly. Most took longer than three days, thankfully. I don't know what it means that I get attached to people so quickly. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it just how it is? Yes, I think that is it - that's just how it is. Maybe I need to learn to hold people more at arm's length. Maybe I need to just embrace how I'm wired. Who knows?

Just an observation on a Wednesday....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wake Up, Parents!

I heard these two facts today that I would LOVE to have all parent hear. I'll refrain from commentating on them and let these two facts speak for themselves:

  • Research has shown that there is zero brain activity occurring when children are watching TV.
  • Language development research has show it takes 85 times for a child to hear/work with a word before it becomes engrained in their vocabulary.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Helpful Hint

On Tuesday, here was my to do list: pack, take out the garbage, meeting, library, fill up with gas, get new tires, and get to Pleasanton in time for dinner. Mission accomplished - except for taking out the trash. So when I got back yesterday, just imagine what I walked in to smell. GROSS! In my hurry to get the smell out of the apartment, I forgot that there was a watermelon rind in the bottom of the can. I yanked the lid off and out flew about 25 fruit flies - everywhere! Again, GROSS!! Also, they multiply faster than rabbits so it has been annoying to say the least. I looked up how to get rid of them. Did you know that spraying them with windex 3-4 times kills them? It works - I know because I have been on a shoot out with the magic blue liquid. So far, I'm winning but also getting high on windex. Time for a break.....

So just a warning - don't forget to take out the garbage with you leave home. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

42 Seconds of Hilarity!!

This has been a GREAT and exhausting week! I'll write soon but I HAD to share this extremely short clip I saw in my training. It is 42 seconds and I recommend watching it twice. The first time, watch the old lady. The second time, watch the driver. Both times, enjoy!!

Monday, June 08, 2009


The doctor's appointment went well today. I was praying that the doctor would say that everything was linked to the medicine I recently stopped taking. Prayers answered! He shared with me some different things I can do to help regulate the swelling, weight fluxuations, and restlessness. As odd as it sounds, I am very thankful that it was the side effects. Now, it will just be a matter of waiting until it is all out of my system. I am so thankful!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer 2009

School is officially out! WOO HOO! Let's just say that it took me two full days to recoup from the last day. I pushed it too hard and my back is unhappy with me. It is getting over it quickly which is a good thing since it follows me around everywhere I go....

So what does this teacher plan to do with her summer (when not in trainings)? Well, let me just list it out for you:
  • Caleb and Gabby's wedding
  • Be a helpful sister and a fun aunt
  • Tackle that list of books to read
  • Hit the work out room
  • Terra Cotta Warriors and Genghis Khan exhibits
  • MetroLive (weekly time of praise and bible study)
  • The Houston Project (weekly long service to others in Houston)
  • Dentist and optometrist (it's been too long for both)
  • Lunch dates with friends

It is going to be a fun summer!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Next Monday

What a week! And it is only Tuesday night! I have had things to share but have been EXHAUSTED so they will have to wait until later. However, I need to shoot out a quick prayer request.

As some of you know, I've been seeing a doctor and getting medication figured out to help regulate some things. It is nothing too serious right now but I would like to get it figured out before the time to talk kids comes. One medicine has been giving my body fits. My doctor took me off of it on Friday and we will see how things go over the next eight weeks. However, I'm pretty nervous about how some things are going in my body now. I know it will take some time for the meds to work their way out but something is not right. I am trying not to borrow troubles from tomorrow so I made a doctor's appointment for Monday with my regular doctor. I usually don't go to the doctor but I'm really nervous. I'm incredibly uncomfortable and my body is not as it should be. I'm hoping that he will give me some answers or just put my mind at ease. So if y'all could just pray for peace, that would be very appreciated!