Friday, June 28, 2013

Egypt, Year Two

In a couple of days, I jump on a plane and officially say farewell to my second year in Egypt.  As much as I enjoyed year one, year two held many things that I learned and people I am going to be forever thankful for.

This year I learned that even though we live in a third world country, so many of our problems are first world problems – can’t load my TV show, I only have large bills to pay with, etc.  Such little problems – until they aren’t.  I have learned there are things that I will never again take for granted.  Things like consistent electricity, access to internet, drinking water you don’t have to question, being able to get money out of the bank, and availability of gasoline for your car.  It’s amazing how just these five things make such a huge difference.  It’s also amazing how you learn to live within the craziness of not having them.

I’ve learned the importance of having a comfortable, relaxing home.  I’ve been blessed to live in some nice places here in Egypt but we found an amazing one in March.  The moment we walked it, I knew it was the place.  It’s been a place of rest and laughter.  I’m so thankful for these walls.

Most importantly, I’m so thankful for the people that I shared life with.  I’m thankful for Jeff and Cathy who adopted us and made us feel like family. 

I’m thankful for #twitclub.  I’m thankful for Kris who can make me laugh like very few can and has seen the good, the bad, and the crazy in me yet still tolerates me.  I’m thankful for Maia who is my entertainment soul mate and one of the most real people I know.  I’m thankful for Tim whose sense of humor makes every moment enjoyable.  I’m thankful for GJ who carries laughter with him and opened my eyes to the neon around me.  I’m thankful for Abby who is so loyal and kind but most importantly, taught me the correct way to eat M&Ms. Each of these friends was a source of joy and a breath of fresh air as needed.  I could write an entire blog post on each of them individually.  Thankful is not a big enough word for the way I feel about them.

Most of all, in year two of Egypt, I am thankful for Sarah.  After saying goodbye to some very dear friends last year, I was unsure of what this year would hold.  Sarah has been the friend who I’ve laughed and cried with, done couch time with, and talked to every day.  She’s been able to sympathize with me and tell me when I need to settle down (in the loving way like only she can).  God knew what this year would hold and knew Sarah would be the friend that I needed through it.  

Thank you, year two, for reminding me that its the little things that make life good - silly games, inside jokes, dinners on Friday nights, and people you can do nothing with and plan adventures with.  You've been great!

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